Inzaghi: 'Benevento not relegated already'


Benevento coach Filippo Inzaghi has claimed he is ‘proud’ of his side’s win against Fiorentina and adds: ‘Someone thinks we are relegated already .’

“I am proud of these guys, they’re great,” Inzaghi told Sky Sport after Benevento’s 1-0 away win at the Franchi.

“Before this match no one gave us a chance and instead we performed an extraordinary feat. These players have played 46 games with me, I think they only got two wrong.

“We know that with organization and spirit we can also make up for technical differences,” the former Milan striker continued.

“Today we almost never risked, perhaps only at the end with [Dusan] Vlahovic.

“I am happy for the players. We’ve always had our certainties, despite many absences today. In the first difficult moment there were also ingenious criticism even if now we play in Serie A.

“It took a couple of bad losing games and I was sorry for the change of attitude of someone.

“This team needs the trust. Today the players were fantastic. We must be aware of the reality in which we are now, and I like good criticism, not unbalanced criticism.

“Many treat us like we’ve been relegated already, while looking at the table today we would survive. We lost badly against Spezia but this cannot erase the other excellent performances.”

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